The Tiny Town Of Beilstein Germany.

Beilstein Germany is a tiny town sitting along the peaceful Moselle River (a.k.a. Mosel River in English). Beginning in France, the Moselle River enters Germany near Trier and meanders to Koblenz where it flows into the mighty Rhine River. While not nearly as popular as the Rhine Valley, the Moselle River Valley is a delightful place to visit as both sides of the river are dotted with castles, vineyards, and cute little villages.

We sadly only had two days to explore this area, and we chose to stay in Beilstein, known as the “Sleeping Beauty of the Moselle” because of its historic inaccessibility and beautiful setting. We’ll tell you about our explorations in Beilstein, share some tips on getting there, and give you some pros and cons of staying there versus the picturesque and popular Moselle town of Cochem. We’ll also provide a list of accommodation options in both Beilstein and Cochem.

Getting there?

The best and most convenient way to get to Beilstein is by car, but it is also possible via local bus or Moselle river cruise (seasonal). You can also take a taxi. For bikers, it is possible to get here by bike but it is a long bike ride from most of the other Moselle towns so check distances and maps before setting out.

River boat: River boats come and go along the Moselle from the dock at Beilstein, but these are seasonal so check the Kolb Brothers boat schedule. Note that boats move at a very leisurely pace on the Moselle because of all the locks in the river they must navigate.

Where to Stay the Night in along the Moselle River

If you are interested in exploring the Moselle River area we definitely would recommend spending a night or two in this area. Along the Moselle you have a number options and you’ll find lots of accommodation in the larger towns and cities like Trier and Koblenz. But we’d recommend choosing a smaller town like Beilstein or Cochem to spend the night to better enjoy this scenic area.

Cochem or Beilstein as a Place to Overnight?

Cochem and Beilstein are both very picturesque Moselle towns sitting alongside the river and are two popular contenders when thinking about a town to choose as a base to explore this area. Cochem is much larger than Beilstein (although still a small town), and is able to offer a lot more conveniences (tourist information office, grocery stores, banks), activities (sports center, castle tours, chairlift), and has many more lodging and eating options than Beilstein.

If you are wanting to stay in a larger hotel or in a hostel, you’ll want to stay in Cochem as it offers a much wider range of options than Beilstein which offers small hotels, guesthouses, and bed-and-breakfasts. You can check out the Beilstein tourist information website and the Cochem town website for more information on services and businesses in both towns.

Cochem is also closer to the Rhine River Valley and is much easier to reach by public transportation than Beilstein and Cochem has its own train station. Cochem is also a more popular tourist stop and is more likley to be crowded, but both towns can be overrun by visitors during the day.

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